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goldspider66 said: Crusher or Pulaski?

i simply cannot pick, it’s impossible for me - i love them both! 


Season 3 - Episode 24 “Ménage à Troi”

Picard is not a fan of flowers

Faces of Seven of Nine || Seven of Nine (Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy)
The Doctor: I’ve been experimenting with introducing a new function into my program - cognitive projections…daydreaming.


constable odo is the only cop i trust.


i may be poor in money but i’m rich in star trek references



{preparing for my Star Trek speech tomorrow. obviously all my information isn’t on the slides, since it’s a 5-10 min informative presentation. there are 10 more slides but this is just a brief overview. I’m damn proud, too}

I can’t believe this was almost a year ago. I won my high school speech award because of this. this is my legacy


cute little Bajoran for ya. I need to do more watercolor ugh. Also Starfleet better be okay with that hairstyle yo.


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[I love Leeta. She’s ditzy, but she’s not actually stupid. I love that she takes a true interest in learning about alien cultures and that she stood up for herself when Rom wanted her to be a traditional Ferengi wife. She’s more than just a pretty face at the dabo table!]


Meanwhile, at Dragon Con (x)