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does anyone want the uss-reliant URL?? I’ve been saving it for ages but I’m never going to use it and I’d rather give it to someone who will use it, rather than just delete so someone else can hoard it :’)


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[This is kind of embarrassing, but whenever I’m having anxiety about something I imagine Tuvok giving me a logical pep talk and telling me to focus my mind and it helps to calm me down.]


face of ‘but dax i don’t wanna be the emissary of the prophets’


Season 3 - Episode 15 “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

Just a normal day in VEGAS CREATION CON (x)

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i may lust after quark but its rom who really has my heart


I love that Nurse Chapel is like the resident expert on the (in)capabilities of Vulcans. She doesn’t miss a goddamn beat.

It’s especially great that this comes right after the Romulans go on and on about how that have an innate understanding with Spock that no Human could ever hope to match because of their shared ancestry and instincts and blahblahblah. All Spock has to do is put his hand on Kirk’s face and say “He’s dead now. …That’s a thing,” and the Romulans are just like “SEEMS LEGIT.” Meanwhile Chapel’s like “I would get you the encyclopedia I wrote on Mister Spock’s hands and their powers and limitations BUT I DON’T NEED TO I HAVE IT MEMORIZED”



My plan for the weekend is to wait for the STLV pics and videos to roll in and bask in all the feels


same plan this year


Star Trek TOS and TNG actors on 6 June 1991 at the inauguration of the  Gene Roddenberry Building (one of the production and administration buildings of Paramount Pictures on Melrose Boulevard) celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Star Trek.

Doctor, am I making myself clear? I want you to buy a new suit tonight at 20:55. Exactly.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine