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Kassidy Yates Appreciation 



Daily reminder that Jean-Luc Picard was rejected the first time he applied to Starfleet Academy so remember that whenever you feel like giving up

And that it wasn’t until he was literally stabbed in the heart that he turned his life onto the path that led him to become the great captain we all admire. So remember that too whenever you feel like giving up.

Anonymous said: Imagine if Q and Harry Mudd had an episode together. Just imagine the amount of shenanigans they would have together.

hmm i think Q would get bored with Harry Mudd real quickly though

Manu Intiraymi , Nichelle Nichols and Angelique Fawcette

aka Icheb and Uhura! on the set for Unbelievable!!!!  

(trailer here check it out for more  star trek stars in it



Damn those dress uniforms are snappy! I wish they wore them more often.


It’s 6am and I cannot watch an episode of Voyager without this happening. Thanks for that tumblr ;D WOOO SPACE, YEAH EXPLORATION, HEY LOOK SPACE DUST GUYS GUUUUUYS SPPPPACEEEE.