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i remember reading this post and thought it was incredibly accurate. I hate how they make it seem like Winona had absolutely no affect on nu!jim, and by the way TOS Kirk behaved, (described as a stack of books with legs, picking flowers, being a romantic and even way of gesturing/sitting) I like to think that he was influenced by both parents, the sensitivity must’ve been learned from either his father or mother. So i decided to make this, because Jim’s mother shouldn’t have been erased from his life or appeared to have zero sway on who he is. So here you go!

Star Trek AU: A tos nu!Kirk with a little lot of help from mom

Without the presence of her husband, Winona did her best to raise two sons, despite those hardships and an unfortunate second marriage, Winona conveyed much of her nurturing side as possible, telling her sons of the civil war in planet Grex, exposing Samuel and her other very impressionable son, James, to the hardships and struggles around them. Jim, in particular developed a sense of strength and regard to those in need due to it, thus later learning to care and respect the lives of his future crew. Because of the behaviour he witnessed from a step-father, Jim learned in his early teenage years an anger and rebellion that often led him to imitate the actions of his stepfather, however after his mother made him see that his continuous fights and trails of girls only led to the same pain she faced. Jim set his sights to Starfleet, choosing to be a better man, one his mother and father would be proud of. Not exactly perfect yet, his behaviour hadn’t changed completely, but calls and visits from his mother always nudged him of his ideals.

Winona left Earth after the death of her second husband to stay with her eldest son in Deneva. She was present during the change of command ceremony when Christopher Pike passed command of the USS Enterprise to her son James T. Kirk 

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